The vertical or horizontal configurations of washing towers share the same working principle: the elimination of contaminants is performed through the contact between the polluted airflow and the washing liquid.



Application versatility: systems which can be used in numerous applications, even with high concentrations of contaminant.


Double configuration available and suitable for all spaces: vertical towers or horizontal scrubbers.


Abatement efficiency: the water, mixed with reagents, offers its excellent capability of retaining and eliminating polluting particles.

Elimination of water-soluble harmful substances

The washing tower or wet scrubber for the airflow abatement is vertical or horizontal axis type with static or floating filling. Moreover, it can be realized in thermoplastic material, stainless steel or other materials according to specifications. Filtration is performed through countercurrent washing liquids to suctioned fumes and vapors. The flow of vapors to be neutralized is ascensional: they pass through filling bodies in the tower and they are eliminated by nebulized liquids in a uniform way. Pumps connected to liquid containment tank circulate the washing solution continuously.

Within the filling bodies, the air continuously hits the rings they are made of, where the chemical reaction making the neutralization of air substances happen occurs. Once neutralization is completed, the air is further filtered to eliminate any drops of the washing solution remaining suspended in the airflow, through the drop-stop filter. At the end of the washing cycle, purified vapors are expelled from the tower into the atmosphere through the discharge chimney.

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