Active carbon filters

Carbon filter filtration is an air purification technology which uses the excellent absorbent property of this material to filter and eliminate the odorous factor of the air polluted by volatile organic substances.



High air filtration and deodorization efficiency: the porous surface of active carbons retains big quantities of organic substances and their odorous factor.


Installation flexibility: the simple structure of these filters makes their installation easy in any application.


Simple maintenance: once the filtering material is disposed or regenerated, its extraction and replacement bring filtration back to original levels.

Main products

Filtri a carboni attivi - Kubo


Modular active carbon filter and disposable absorber filter which is ideal to adsorb high concentrations of Volatile Organic Substances. Its diamond shape guarantees a high filtration efficiency and a significant duration of active carbons.

Filtri a carboni attivi - Karb


Filter unit containing such a considerable quantity of active carbons to allow a high efficiency of abatement and deodorization of polluting and odorous emissions deriving from organic compounds and solvents.

Filtri a tasche - Clean e Assoclean


Modular filter unit made of active carbon cartridges to deodorize air polluted by volatile organic compounds. It’s often used with pocket filter Clean which is used as dust pre-filter before active carbons.

Filtering capability of a material of natural or mineral origin

The use of active carbon filters is particularly suitable and convenient in industrial processes which require the abatement of Volatile Organic Compounds. The air is efficiently purified and filtrated from harmful organic substances passing through a filtering unit containing active carbons. The highly porous structure and the wide specific surface of this material, of natural or mineral origin, determine its excellent adsorbent capability. Indeed, active carbons are able to retain and eliminate most of polluting substances, ensuring high levels of incoming air filtration and deodorization.

Active carbons feature an external regeneration: once active carbons are exhausted, they need to be extracted from the system and replaced with a new or regenerated quantity in a specialized laboratory. This ensures reduce costs and more ease for system maintenance.

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