Industrial aspiration best technologies for different application fields

Fumes and dust

Coral supplies aspiration and filtration technologies for fumes and dust deriving from dry processing of materials.

Fumes and Mists Oil

Coral offers specific filtration solutions for oil mists generated by industrial processes using oils and emulsions.


Coral designs and manufactures solutions for the dropping of Volatile Organic Compounds deriving from industrial processes.


Industries with polluting painting processes can rely on our specifically designed aspiration and filtration solutions.


Industrial fans are the heart of aspiration systems. Actually, they are the main components generating and handling airflow and its necessary aspiration in all air filtration and cleaning systems.

Aspiration systems for all industrial applications

Several industrial sectors, whose production processes generate dangerous and toxic substances for the environment and for workers’ health, share the need to preserve air cleanliness and quality. Coral Engineering is the ideal partner for all industries tackling industrial pollution problem, thanks to its long-time experience and its leadership in the field of air cleaning systems design and manufacturing field. The different types and sizes of polluting particles released during the working process is a crucial element to choose the best aspiration solution. For this reason, the company uses different air filtration technologies and designs ad hoc aspiration systems for dry fumes and dust, oil mists, V.O.C. and paints which are the most common industrial contaminants.

Suction arms, suction benches, bag filters, Atex filters, paint booths and industrial fans are just some of the many components for industrial aspiration manufactured by Coral.
The wide and complete selection of products offered by the company can cover multiple applications and meet specific demands of each industry: welding and grinding, metalworking, chemical and pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace, painting, wood, cosmetics, industrial automation, plastic molding, composites and food industry. The strength all products have in common is certainly their certified quality which ensures the compliance with European norm on the matter of environmental safeguard and occupational safety, as well as the best reliability during functioning.

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