Water booths

Water film filtration for painting operations use the efficient capability of water of capturing and retaining the polluting solid particles of pigments suspended in the air and its long service life.



Less maintenance operations for cleaning.


High abatement efficiency: constant extracted airflow rate over time.


Fire safety.

Main products

Cabine ad acqua - Minivelo


Paint booth for the painting of small sized pieces, for small series or retouching, made of a dual water film, a two-stage dry filter, a high-performance centrifugal fan with backward curved impeller and a revolving work-pieces holder.

Cabine ad acqua - Zincovelo


Paint booth made of galvanized sheet metal panels which is ideal even for the painting of large pieces. It’s equipped with centrifugal fan on the roof which creates a forced airflow circulation. Then, the abatement of solid paint pigments is performed through the water films.

The excellent treatment capability of water

Water film paint booths are an alternative to dry paint booths. Through the fan mounted on the roof, a vacuum which determines the creation of an airflow which is carried towards the discharge chimney is created within the booth. Along this way, the abatement of solid paint pigments is performed through the water films of the booth. Indeed, three water washing and a further dry filtration allow to capture the suspended pigments which deposit in the collection tank. The submerged pump circulates the water of the tank sending it back to bowls which overflow and implicate the creation of water films. The first abatement of pigments is performed on the frontal film; then, the remaining part is forced to pass through the internal films and wash before the definitive dry filtration.

Insight on Zincovelo booths

Coral Zincovelo booths are designed according to versatility, modularity and efficiency criteria: they are realized in six versions whose structure its very sturdy thanks to galvanized metal sheet panels with appropriate thickness which gives them compactness, robustness and durability. The range includes 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 mt widths in two heights for all models. Zincovelo booths have large lower tanks with a grid platform in ZPG, ZPGA, ZPGB and ZSP models. They feature an easy maintenance and they use a high-performance and low noisiness fan with reverse blades in spark proof version. Special versions with specific accessories for discharge, post filtration and pressurization.

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