Dry booths

Dry paint booths are suction walls whose filtration is specifically designed for the use of paint. They are equipped with a sized centrifugal fan with the necessary flow in relation to the wall size and they carry the filtered air to an external chimney after its filtration.



Aspiration in front of the emission point: booths are easy-to-position in front of the work area.


High-performance centrifugal fan with reverse blades: aspiration is optimized despite using less power.


Different sizes available: different width and height sizes to conform to any type of processing.

Main products

Cabine a secco - Minispray


Dry paint booth which is suitable for the painting of medium-small sized pieces and is equipped with paper filter, high-performance centrifugal fan with backward curved impeller in spark proof version and possible wheels to ease its movement.

Cabine a secco - Minidry


Ideal dry booths for the painting of small sized pieces, small series or retouching with a high-performance centrifugal fan with backward curved impeller in spark proof version and revolving work-piece carrier. It’s manufactured in sizes of 1m and 2m.

Cabine a secco - Eurodry


It comes with a standard double filter, Papercoral filter and fiberglass filter and it’s suitable for the continuous painting of any sized pieces. On one hand, the less use of power ensures a considerable energy saving; on the other hand, the centrifugal fan with reverse blades optimizes aspiration. It’s also available with extended walls and roof and in two different heights. The version with integrated active carbons is also produced: EURODRY C.A.

Cabine a secco - Tecnodry


Dry booth designed for the continuous painting of pieces, even large in size, with centrifugal fan with high-performance backward curved impeller in spark proof version and the possibility of installing extended walls and roof to optimize capture speed. It’s supplied with lamp and paper filtering. Further filtering stage on demand.

Cabine a secco - cabine pressurizzate

Pressurized cabins

Coral Engineering pressurized cabins have a filtering system which consists of one or more dry or wet paint booths, assembling sandwich modular panels, a filtering roof for the reintroduction of air, a pressurization unit, CTA air-handling units or hot air generator and a control panel.

Dry filtration

The wide field of aspiration and filtration systems also includes ad hoc solutions for industries dealing with painting. There are two types of paint booths in the range: dry and water film booths. They are suction walls whose main purpose is to stop all substances deriving from painting operations, limiting toxic emissions and the dispersion of polluting agents in the environment. In particular, as their name suggests, dry booths are aspiration units which use the physical nature of the common dry filtration. Through the fan mounted on the roof of the booth, a vacuum which determines the forced circulation of the airflow is created. Moreover, dry booths can be equipped with extended walls and roof to better canalize the pollutant to be filtered. Filtration can be performed through one or two filtration stages, high efficiency paper and fiberglass filters.

The air pass through the filters on the booth wall, passing through the first filtration stage which capture larger sized paint pigments, then through the second fiberglass filtering stage which retains the finer ones. Once the air is purified, it’s expelled out. The most various sizes of Coral dry booths can meet any demand. The main advantage of dry booths is logistical and operational since they are easy to position in front of the painting area, ensuring a frontal and direct aspiration in pollutants emission point.

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