Suction and filtration systems

Coral core business: suction and filtration systems

As regards systems engineering, there are two concerned sectors: filtration systems and suction plants which require the use of filters and industrial centrifugal fans.

For industrial purification plants, there’s an engineering approach: following the customer’s request, a survey is carried out to evaluate the issue; once the preliminary design has been prepared, an economical offer is presented: if this is accepted by the customer, plant drawings are made, all components are produced and finally they are installed. The last phase is testing and issuing of the relative certificate.

In suction systems, various machine tools are generally connected, as well as suction arms or suction benches through rigid or flexible pipes; the canalization conveys the flow containing the pollutant into a filter which separates the air from the particulate, that is the pollutant to be retained. Different types of filters are used for this purpose: those which exploit the separating action of a medium, such as sleeves filters, cartridge filters or pocket filters or those which rely on mechanical separation, such as cyclones.

Coral Engineering srl, Milan company, produces suction systems and air cleaning equipment for the extraction of welding fumes, metal dust, fumes and oil mists.


  • Aviation
  • Automotive
  • Agri-food
  • Paper
  • Chemistry
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Rail
  • Foundry
  • Engineering
  • Workshops
  • Wood
  • Military
  • Naval
  • Nuclear
  • Plastic
  • Pneumatic
  • Dust
  • Heating
  • Textile
  • Transport
  • Waste transport
  • Public transport
  • Coating
  • Glass


The magnificent 800

In L’Economia del Corriere della Sera, an article dedicated to the 800 Champions companies, including Coral.

Train SRT dust aspiration system

An aspiration system for dust generated by rails grinding has been realized; this processing is carried out though a sander machine which is placed on the train wagon.

40 years of Coral Engineering

Coral Enginering, operative company of Coral Group in the design and installation of aspiration systems, achieves an important goal, appreciated by customers every day for honesty and professionalism.


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