Hydrophobic dust aspiration and filtration system

Installation of a water filter for polluting dust

  • Type of system: Suction and filtration hydrophobic dust
  • Air flow: 6.000 m³/h
  • Filter type: Water filter mod. Venturi
  • Fan: PRVM 630 – 18.5 kW

General description

For the extraction and the collection of dust produced during processing, a system was installed as follows: suction stacks of suitable diameter with a flexible pipe are positioned at the back of the area where production is carried out in order to remove the pollutant directly from its origin. The suction points are connected to a main duct which will bring the pollutant to a suction filter with a wet filtration system.

The dusty air sucked by the fan, passes through the venturi hole where it remarkably increases its speed while the water, recirculated by a pump, is fed at the pulley. The rapid acceleration of air produces water atomization in millions of fine droplets. The latter are slower than the dust particles which are dragged by the air flow. There is basically no possibility that the droplets and dust particles do not come into contact. The air-water mixture enters tangentially into the separator, where spiraling movements take place. The centrifugal forces propel the water droplets against the surfaces of the walls, while the air separated from the dust goes upwards. The water at the bottom of the tower is maintained in good condition by the purification system, while the polluted liquid is conveyed on the trough which uniformly distributes it underneath.

A high performance centrifugal electric fan creates the necessary depression and conveys the filtered gas in the air through the exhaust chimney.



The magnificent 800

In L’Economia del Corriere della Sera, an article dedicated to the 800 Champions companies, including Coral.

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40 years of Coral Engineering

Coral Enginering, operative company of Coral Group in the design and installation of aspiration systems, achieves an important goal, appreciated by customers every day for honesty and professionalism.


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