Carbon fiber dust aspiration and filtration system

Filtering system connected to a machine tool for molds

  • Type of system: Dust extraction and filtration for carbon fiber molds
  • Air flow: 15.000 m³/h
  • Filter Type: Cartridge filter AIRCOMPACT ATEX
  • Fan: PR 500-15 kW

General description

For the extraction and filtration of the carbon dust resulting from the FTP machine the following system was built: some suitably sized suction pipes are positioned on the outside coupling on the steel structure of the machine tool. Suitable openings were also made on the machine tool for air intake. The suction stacks will be connected to a main pipe which conveys the pollutant to a AIRCOMPACT cartridge filter complete with reinforced ATEX steel structure, rotary dust discharge valve, antistatic filter cartridges, inspection hatches, tank and solenoid valves for automatic cartridge cleaning, sequencer and demister for pre collection of dust that enter the filter.

The safety panels allow putting the hazardous parts in such condition that when a explosion occurs, they vent destructive powers toward a previously organized area. The necessary depression is guaranteed by a high-performance centrifugal fan supplied with ATEX accessories, which conveys the filtrated gas into the atmosphere through the exhaust stack.



The magnificent 800

In L’Economia del Corriere della Sera, an article dedicated to the 800 Champions companies, including Coral.

Train SRT dust aspiration system

An aspiration system for dust generated by rails grinding has been realized; this processing is carried out though a sander machine which is placed on the train wagon.

40 years of Coral Engineering

Coral Enginering, operative company of Coral Group in the design and installation of aspiration systems, achieves an important goal, appreciated by customers every day for honesty and professionalism.


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