Aspiration and filtration system for aluminum chips with mist oil

Treatment and filtration of aluminum chips

  • Type of system: Suction and filtration of aluminum chips with mist oil
  • Air flow: 6,200 m³/h
  • Filter type: Battery of 3 cyclones pre separator – Final filtration by coalescing filter
  • Fan: PRVM710 / T – 18.5 kW. Atex for zone 22

General description

The suction and filtration system for aluminum shavings was thus realized: the suction stacks of adequate diameter with exclusion and calibration shutters are positioned on the area of ​​the cutters in order to remove the pollutant directly at its origin points. The suction are connected to a main duct which conveys the pollutant to a battery of three cyclone pre separators complete with a sealed container and subsequently through a triple final filtering system model Clean FV. The suction duct is provided with suitable inspection doors for maintenance. A high-performance centrifugal fan creates the necessary depression and conveys the filtered air to chimney.



The magnificent 800

In L’Economia del Corriere della Sera, an article dedicated to the 800 Champions companies, including Coral.

Train SRT dust aspiration system

An aspiration system for dust generated by rails grinding has been realized; this processing is carried out though a sander machine which is placed on the train wagon.

40 years of Coral Engineering

Coral Enginering, operative company of Coral Group in the design and installation of aspiration systems, achieves an important goal, appreciated by customers every day for honesty and professionalism.


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