Air aspiration and treatment system with bio-filtration

Design, installation and test of a system with biological filter

Extraction and air treatment system from storage and treatment areas of biological sludge, flow rates up to 70,000 m³ / h.

The suction system is composed of vertical scrubber with pre-collection and humidifying function of the gaseous fluid, biofilter with 900 m³ of filtering vegetal biomass, appropriately sized stainless-steel pipe, two high performance stainless steel centrifugal fans with 55 kW installed and an electrical control panel provided with pressure sensor and inverter for a fully automatic control.



The magnificent 800

In L’Economia del Corriere della Sera, an article dedicated to the 800 Champions companies, including Coral.

Train SRT dust aspiration system

An aspiration system for dust generated by rails grinding has been realized; this processing is carried out though a sander machine which is placed on the train wagon.

40 years of Coral Engineering

Coral Enginering, operative company of Coral Group in the design and installation of aspiration systems, achieves an important goal, appreciated by customers every day for honesty and professionalism.


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