Side machine filter units

Aspiration units for oil mists which can be installed near machines or on production lines are a practical and compact solution, ideal for the continuous and localized abatement of pollutants during processing.



Localized and continuous aspiration: the positioning close to the machine or on production lines allows the immediate and constant elimination of pollutants.


Reduction of downtimes: the necessary recurring stops for cleaning are limited, thanks to the aspiration performed during processing.


Compact design: practical, space saving unit which is suitable for smaller spaces as well.

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Gruppi bordo macchina - Noil


Extremely compact separator with easy adaptability to all machine tools, designed to clean air in spaces where oil mists are produced and recover oil allowing its recycling.

The aspiration unit which integrates with your machine tool

For the elimination of oil fumes and mists, Coral Engineering designs and manufactures filtration systems to be directly installed on-board machine which are one of the most modern and efficient solutions for the aspiration of fumes and vapors deriving from the use of oils and emulsions in different industrial machine tools. On-board machine filter units are fixed aspiration units which allow the continuous and localized elimination of small sized polluting particles during machines working, reducing downtimes and necessary stops for cleaning.

These systems are perfect for applications which require a practical, compact and easy-to-install aspiration and filtration solution, thanks to the ease of positioning them near the machine or directly on the production lines.

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