Pocket/Cartridge filters

Pocket or cartridge static filters are used for oil mists filtration on both centralized and wheeled systems which eliminate the pollutant through mechanical systems of different nature placed inside. This filtration leads to the recovery of filtered oil in collection bins placed below the filters.



Pre-filtration: separation and elimination of almost all oil drops through the mechanical separator.


Final filtration: pocket or cartridge filters which retain the remaining smaller polluting particles.


Possibility of recycling: the oil is collected into a bin for a possible reuse, while filtered air is released back into the environment.

Main products

Filtri statici a tasche / cartucce - Oilstop

Oil Stop

Low noise filter unit for the extraction of oil mists in processing requiring low airflow volumes, equipped with an incoming centrifugal separator and pocket filters which ensure top air cleaning with recovery of the collected oil.

Filtri statici a tasche / cartucce - Oilstop-M

Oil Stop/M

Oil mists filter with pocket filters, particularly suitable for centralized aspiration systems with large airflow rates.

Filtri statici a tasche / cartucce - Oilstop-Next

Oil Stop Next

Aspiration-filtration unit with inner high efficiency cartridges designed and typically used for the elimination of oil mists, complete with fan, CE standards thermal switch, oil collection bin and V 230/400/3/50 Hz motor.

Clean FV

Filter unit with pocket filters which is used in industrial applications requiring air cleaning and oil mist extraction and offers also the possibility of recovering filtered oil. It’s suggested for centralized systems suitable for the elimination of oil emulsions and integral oil.

Oil mists filtration

The principle of mechanical filtration and physical separation of polluting particles of Coral units for oil mists is used by numerous industrial fields, since it’s not only suitable for dry fumes and dust aspiration, but also for oil mists abatement. Coral Engineering offers static and fixed filter units for oil mists. They’re dry collector filters for polluting fumes and vapors produced by applications using oils and emulsions. First, air polluted with oily substances passes through a mechanical separator which is able to separate almost all oil drops from the inlet airflow so that they fall towards a specific collection bin.

Then, to eliminate possible remaining contaminants, the air pass through pocket or cartridge filters whose filtering surfaces are the capability of retaining the smallest polluting particles and ensure the definitive air purification. At this point, filtered and cleaned air can be released again into the environment.

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