Coalescence filters

Using the natural physical principle of coalescence and specific fiberglass candles, it’s possible to realize efficient filtration systems for oil mists which are able to neutralize the damages deriving from the use of oils and emulsions efficiently.



High separation efficiency: they can filter any type of oily particle thanks to the aggregation principle of coalescence.


Possibility of recovery: collected oil drops can be reused in production processes and filtered air is released back into the environment.


Low maintenance needed: these filters keep a high efficiency for long time periods.

Main products

Filtri a coalescenza - Iperoil


Filtering unit which uses the principle of coalescence of particles and the mechanical filtration of the fiberglass cartridges with a wide filtering surface for the elimination of industrial fumes and oil mists.

Filtri a coalescenza - Sneb


Defogger filter which is specifically designed for the separation of high concentrations of oil mists in the airflow.

The natural physical phenomenon which eliminates polluting particles

The most common working principle of oil mists filtration systems is coalescence, that is the phenomenon through with liquid particles aggregate each other making bigger drops. In the specific case of applications which produce polluting oil fumes and mists using oils and emulsions, the aggregation of oil particles suspended in the air implicates such an increase of size and weight of drops to push them to fall down and separate from the airflow.

To take advantage of this principle, Coral coalescence filters come with special fiberglass cartridges, called candles, whose filtering surface has exactly the function of retain oily particles and help their aggregation. Below the filter, there are specific collection bins to recover the oil and reuse it in new production processes. Instead, the filtered and clean air is released back again into the environment, ensuring a clean and healthy atmosphere for workers.

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