Industrial fans are the heart of aspiration systems. Actually, they are the main components generating and handling airflow and its necessary aspiration in all filtration and purification systems for air polluted by contaminants generated in several industrial applications.



Heart of the aspiration system: the fan is responsible for the airflow movement needed for the following aspiration and filtration.


Range suitable for all applications: different models and configurations are suitable for all airflow rates and pressures.


Atex versions available: the fans complying with the norms in force are suitable for potentially explosive workplaces.

Main products

Direct centrifugal fans

Direct driven industrial fans, whose blade impeller moves the airflow perpendicular to aspiration sense, available in models for different airflow rates and pressures.

Transmission centrifugal fans

Belt-driven industrial fans which use the airflow perpendicular movement and are available in several models to handle different airflow rates and pressures.
Ventilatori Assiali

Axial fans

Industrial fans which can be used with different airflow rates and pressures, whose structure provides for the movement of the aspired airflow in the same direction, in parallel to the axis of the impeller.

Torrini di estrazione

Roof fans

Light ventilation systems for the aspiration of large volumes of air with low pressure. The light and space saving design make it easy to mount them directly on roofs, with free aspiration or connected to chimneys.

Aspiratori industriali - DFS


Handy and manageable portable electric fan thanks to a light and space saving design, for an easy and adjustable installation in any workplace which needs the aspiration of fumes, gas, dust or foul air.


The heart of aspiration systems

Industrial fans are the main component of air aspiration and filtration systems, since they handle the aspiration of the polluted airflow. Fans and their configurations (direction of rotation, conventional designation of the position of the outlet and the construction arrangements and motor positions with respect to the fan) are defined according to the norm UNI ISO 13349:2009. Coral industrial fans are suitable for the configurations which provides for an installation with ducted inlet and ducted outlet. In case of purchase of this type of fans, connection to ducting and/or machinery are charged to the customer and must be compliant with the prescriptions of the norm UNI EN ISO12499-2009.

In order to meet any kind of request, Coral offers several models of industrial direct centrifugal fans, transmission centrifugal fans, industrial axial fans and extraction towers which differ for their specific configuration.
To complete the range, also special industrial fans for potentially explosive environments are available with the following certifications: non sparking and/or anti-ignition fans or Atex fans which comply with the 2014/34/EU Directive.

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