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Unità Filtranti Modulari CLEAN/CARBO_EN

The modular filter units CLEAN and CARBO are used in extraction and filtration plants of welding fumes, gases, vapours, respectively filtering and deodorising the polluted air.


Principle of operation

The polluted air is conveyed firstly into the CLEAN filtering unit, which is composed of the following main elements:

  • Pre-filter pleated average efficiency (87.5% measured according to ASHRAE 52-76-st.d method G3 ranking) with galvanized sheet metal frame and galvanized and welded protective mesh enclosing the filtering structure in polyester fibres finished with synthetic resins.
  • Pocket filter high efficiency in glass micro-fibre connected to a galvanized steel frame (95% efficiency measured according to ASHRAE 52-76- st.d method F9 ranking).


In case the absorption of chemicals or solvents present in the air, for example in coating operations or processing of plastic materials, the already filtered air is passed in the CARBO filtering units solidly connected by bolts to the CLEAN unit. The active carbon used in the CARBO unit has a specific surface area of ​​1.250 m2/ G, a density of 500 kg/m3 and a iodine index of 1.150 mg/g. The activated carbon is easily replaced, as it is contained in micro-perforated metal mesh cylinders.


Thanks to the modular construction of the CLEAN and CARBO filter units, to the high efficiency filters and to the high adsorption capacity of the activated carbon, it is possible to fit the right size filter group according to the airflow to be treated. Modules to handle mass flow rates from 1.500 m3/h to 27.000 m3/h with filtering surfaces from 3.3 m2 to 61 m2 can be created. The group is designed to vacuum operate.

Where permitted, the filtered air can be released back into the work environment, thereby resulting in considerable energy saving.