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The IPEROIL coalescence filter is used in oil mist extraction and filtration plants, using the principles of coalescence of the particles and the mechanical filtration of the glass fibre.


Principle of operation:

Thanks to the vacuum generated by the centrifugal fan placed in the upper part of the IPEROIL coalescing filter, the air polluted by oil mist is sucked and passes through the vertical conduits in the filter.


A mechanical separation of the particles in suspension because of the centrifugal force due to rotation of air generated by the helical element takes place in this area. The oil particles will thus fall into the hopper below, complete of drainage and collection bin.

Subsequently to the previous step the air is filtered through a further glass fibre cartridge filter, which in technical jargon is called CANDLE.


The IPEROIL coalescing filters are in fact made with a special wide surface fibreglass cartridge (candle), capable of separating the liquid particles contained in the gas to be treated using the principle of coalescence: the air passes through the candle and releases the drops of liquid that fall in the low part of the filter while the filtered air will come out at the top.

The CORAL candle is able to guarantee very high efficiency of separation able to reach over 99%.