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Sottostazione MEC MODUL_EN

The MECMODUL substation is a modular substation with sleeves with continuous automatic unloading, which is used for shavings, dust and wood sawdust filtration. The structure is made of sturdy galvanized steel panels bolted to one another. The MECMODUL substation is designed to work under pressure: the dusty air enters the preliminary chamber, thus facilitating the settling of larger particles, to then travel up inside the filtering sleeves. The filtered air can then exit from the top. Using a suitable outlet plenum the air can be either recovered or expelled depending on the regulations in force, through the by-pass rolling shutter.

The filtering media used is needle felt in polyester, available in two weights: type A for rough shavings, type B for finer dust. Thanks to the release of filtered air into environment, it is possible to achieve significant energy saving.


Accessibility and maintainability

Through the handling heads hatches, the transport system can be accessed and controlled, with the additional possibility of inspecting, through the side hatches, the conditions of the filter bags. Service stairs and walkway for pedestrians, which comply with the current safety regulations, are available on request.