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Separatore di Polveri CYCLONFILTER_EN

The CYCLONFILTER wheeled extraction filter unit is used for dust extraction and filtration, in particular in metal work industries for grinding, polishing, deburring operations, but it is also used in the rubber and plastics, wood, chemical, textile or agricultural industries. Thanks to the cyclonic pre-collection, the CYCLONFILTER unit allows better working conditions for the following felt filters or cartridge filters, ensuring the filtration of coarser powders.


Thanks to the pivoting wheels and to its easy handling, the CYCLONFILTER filtering group allows the suction and filtration of the dust produced by machines which are away from each other and to carry out the dust unloading operations more quickly.
The CYCLONFILTER enables significant energy saving during winter. The hot air, which is perfectly filtered, is recycled into the work environment.