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Scrubber Idrofiltro VENTURI_EN

The Venturi filter is applicable in dust filtration plants in production processes that generate  dust which is insoluble in water. For example, metals, composites, resins, inert. They are also used for dust that generate incandescent particles that could generate fires or explosions in dry filters.

If soluble dust or dust capable of generating aluminothermy phenomena (e.g. Aluminium) need to be collected, the application of Venturi requires prior consultation with our technical department to optimise the application with the appropriate optional devices.


 The VENTURI filter consists of two basic elements:

  • Venturi: contact occurs between the air polluted by dust and the liquid.
  • Cyclone separator: residual separation takes place between the air and the droplets, which  capture the dust.


Inside the soundproof chassis there is also:

  • Centrifugal fan.
  • Hydraulic system.
  • Water filter for the recycled water.

The electric control panel instead is located on the machine.


Example of realisation of  extraction system with Venturi filter.