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The CANTILEVERED EXTENSION for suction arms is mainly used in fume and/or dust extraction systems to extend the range of action of the self-supporting suction arm, E.g. EVOLUTION NO-SMOKE and UNIVERSAL NO-SMOKE.


The extension for suction arms consists of:

  • Supporting wall shelf: is the anchoring part of the cantilever, which also includes the hinge on which the entire structure moves 180°, thus being able to come up parallel beside the wall.
  • Cantilevered Body: It is constituted of a sturdy frame made of painted steel, which is the real extension and can be of various lengths (2, 3, 4, 5 meters). The pipeline, which links the self-supporting suction arm to the centralised canalisation, runs in its upper part.
  • Terminal body: is constituted by a plate made of sturdy steel that allows the support of the self-supporting arm.