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Ventilatori Industriali EER_EN

The EER industrial fans are reversible blades axial fans used for very low static pressure and high flow rates. Maximum operating temperature 60°C.


The EER fans can be used in several fields:

  • Fumes extraction from rooms and foul air
  • Workshops ventilation
  • Dust suction (cement plants, foundries, mills, paper mills, etc.)
  • Heat exchangers: air circulation
  • Air ventilation in the livestock industry
  • Suction from laboratories
  • Suction from paint workshops, laundries, large kitchens.

Possibility of reversal of the direction of the motor consequently of the air flow. The installation of the EER industrial fans can be performed in various ways, including wall mounted with horizontal axis, on the ceiling, on the floor or wall, or by means of fittings located on the top flange.