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Tubazione in Lamiera Zincata_EN

Type               : Cold-formed Steel

Quality           : DX51D+Z

Thicknesses used: 10/10 to 15/10 mm

Ref. Regulation: European EN 10142-00


Aspiration STRAIGHT PIPE, prefabricated, built with first choice galvanized steel sheet with stapling in parts of maximum 5.000 mm to allow expansion or any change without any particular problems, sized according to the technical characteristics of the plant.


Anti-vibration FITTING in laminated galvanized steel and plastic coated fibreglass fabric placed on the suction port, able to isolate the flow of air to the suction port of the fan.


CIRCULAR SECTION BENDS built with first choice galvanized steel sheet, formed by stapled and pinned sectors or printed in two halves and pinned with radius ratio 1.5 the diameter to decrease to a minimum the load losses, saving power.


Reduction CONES in galvanized steel sheet of suitable length to decrease the air flow resistance.


FLEXIBLE HOSE TIES in various diameters made of galvanized wire with set screw.


Support BRACKETS for the piping in painted iron, able to withstand safely the specific load.