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Impianti Trattamento Aria con Biofiltro_EN

Bio-filters are implemented downstream of the industrial, chemical, agricultural plants, and in composting plants. They are designed to remove harmful substances and odours that are released into the air during these processes. The realisation of a bio-filter consists in the construction of a tank with empty bottom, where the air to be purified is introduced which, passing through the overlying layer of organic material, undergoes a completely natural process of dissociation of pollutants and odorous, through the work of the aerobic bacteria present in the substrate. The air treated in this way is returned to the environment almost odourless and pure.


Bio-filtration is easy to apply in any case where it is necessary to reduce the odorous emissions or pollutants, such as food industries, waste treatment plants, water treatment plants and sludge treatment, feed industries, painting plants, tobacco factories, plastics processing industries, printing industries, petrochemical industries, farms, slaughterhouses, piggeries.

View video of the extraction system and air treatment with Bio-filter.