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The OIL STOP filter unit is used in the extraction and filtering of oil mist, emulsions and oil fumes.

The OIL STOP filter is in fact suitable mainly for the following sectors:

  • Mechanical Engineering: turning, threading, gear cutting machines, grinding machines, printers etc.
  • Graphics industry: rotary presses for newspapers (ink smoke, etc.).
  • Food Industry: vegetable oil nebulisers, dough processing machines, etc.
  • Other areas: turbines, compressors, pumps, greasing machines, nebulisers, etc.


The OIL STOP filters have first rate filtering materials that allow the achievement of high levels of filtration, with peaks of 99% efficiency. In specific cases where the extraction of odours and fumes is necessary, the OIL STOP filter is supplied on request with CARBO activated carbon filters. Whenever there are odours to eliminate, it is necessary to identify the composition of contaminants in order to provide the more suitable active type of coal.


Quietness: the OIL STOP filters are characterized by low noise and can be used in any environment without creating problems of noise pollution. This is possible thanks to the specific arrangement of the filters and by the filter unit shield. In the event that very low levels of noise are required, AFON silencers are provided in order to reduce further noise pollution.