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Gruppo Filtrante OIL STOP M_EN

The OILSTOP M filtering unit is used in oil mist filtration, particularly suitable for centralised vacuum systems with large air flow.


Operating principle:

The air polluted by the oil particle is sucked through the air intake due to the vacuum effect created inside the casing by the centrifugal fan. Then the air travels along a vertical conduit where a mechanical separation of particles in suspension in the air takes place due to centrifugal force created by the air rotation given by the helical element. The oil particles thus separated are collected on the wall of the tube retained at first by a drop separator and from here they decant into the removable bin. The air that comes out of the duct is further filtered in its passage through the metal filter and a bag filter and sent to the expulsion grid to be re-introduced into the environment. The combined effect of the mechanical separation of oil particles that takes place in the duct and the filtration through the metal filter and the bag filter ensures a very effective purification of the air.