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Gruppo Filtrante OIL STOP C_EN

The OIL STOP C filter unit is used for the extraction and filtering of oil mist.


Operating principle:

The air polluted with oily substances passes through a mechanical separator, which consists of a helical element and a wire mesh both inserted in a section channel equal to the section of the suction opening. In this pre-collection, thanks to the centrifugal force given to the polluted air, the oil droplets hit the channel walls, where there is a wire mesh which avoids the return of the droplets into the air flow, making them slide along the walls of the channel to the collection hopper; then the oil will be collected in a bin and possibly recycled. In this way almost all the oily particles suspended in the air are separated, before passing through the drop separator (optional) and the metal wool pre-filter. Given the high efficiency of both the mechanical separator and of the metal pre-filter, the air at this point no longer contains oil droplets. To remove any residual impurities, the air passes through a final cartridge filter a large filtering surface, made of first choice polypropylene / cellulose and then it is expelled through a grid placed on top of the device.