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Gruppo Filtrante NOIL_EN

The NOIL filter unit is used in the extraction and filtration of oil mist, emulsions and oil fumes to recover and recycle them. The filtered oil is collected in the lower part of the separator and flows out through the outlet. Almost total oil recovery and subsequent recycling is possible. The outlet of the NOIL filter, provided with a 1 "1/2 coupling, must always be immersed in the oil collection pan so that there are no air leaks.

Thanks to the BIA US G, C tested cellulose pre-filter and polyester filter, a high efficiency in the collection of oil particles, equal to 98% is guaranteed. The purified air is then recycled in the work place.
The NOIL separator is extremely compact. Internal installation of the fan allows adaptability to any machine tool.


The NOIL filter is mainly suitable for the following sectors:

  • Mechanical Engineering: turning, threading, gear cutting machines, grinding machines, printers etc.
  • Graphics industry: rotary presses for newspapers (ink, smoke, etc.).
  • Food Industry: vegetable oil nebulisers, dough processing machines, etc.
  • Other areas: turbines, compressors, pumps, greasing machines, nebulisers, etc.