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Gruppo ECOFIL per la Pulizia dei Filtri_EN

The ECOFIL air filter cleaning unit allows restoring filters in a quick, cheap and clean way. Large quantities of dust can be dispersed in the environment if the cleaning operation of the filters is carried out without appropriate tools. Moreover, thanks to the ICEF unit the filters can be reused rather than replaced, thus ensuring a considerable economic saving. Given the simplicity of use, the cleaning operation can be carried out frequently, thus restoring the maximum possible efficiency of filtration. In the case of filters for motor vehicles it is possible to obtain a more effective engine operation by using a clean filter, less consumption of petrol and lower emissions.


Operating principle

The ECOFIL unit consists of a cleaning chamber mounted on four legs and connected to a filter (optional), which puts it into vacuum state therefore returning the filtered air to the environment. The ECOFIL unit is provided in two versions:

  • Manually controlled
  • Automatically controlled

In the first case the cartridge is introduced from the hatch, the cartridge plate is lowered and the extraction group starts operating. On one of the two sides there is a compressed air gun holder. Whereas in the automatically controlled system, once the cartridge is inserted, just press the start cycle button on the appropriate panel. On every model the cartridge to be cleaned is kept rotating by a motor with work times that can be calibrated.