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Generatore d'Aria Calda CALORY_EN

The hot air generator incinerator CALORY is an energy recovery system which transforms woodworking waste in a free source of energy, by recovering the heat produced by the combustion and obtaining hot air to distribute into the environment by a helical fan controlled by a room thermostat.


Simple and robust construction

Steel combustion chamber lined with hollow firebricks, sheet metal cladding panels, cast iron lower grid; large ash bin under the grid.


High load capacity

The CALORY 60 can be top or front loaded with sacks of shavings or wood pieces approx. 0.2 m3.


Principle of operation

The air is sucked by a EER helical fan fitted on the rear panel of CALORY, it is driven and heated in the space between the outer panels and the furnace before it is released from the grille with adjustable fins placed on the front panel.


Energy saving

Generally speaking, on the basis of traditional fuel costs, a CALORY pays for itself in just two months. If an ECONOMIZER heat exchanger is fitted on the flue, the energy saving will be even higher.