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The KARB filter is used for the treatment of emissions, mainly regarding organic solvents. The considerable quantity of activated carbon contained in KARB makes it possible to reduce gaseous emission contaminants ensuring compliance with existing rules.


The KARB activated carbon filter is made of galvanized panels bolted to one another. The KARB filter has the following elements inside it:

  • Filtering section: corrugated panels provide for the capture of solid pigments. They are regenerable and extractable through inspection doors located on the front of the filter.
  • Activated carbon section: it guarantees the adsorption of the emission's gaseous phase.
  • Ventilated section: constituted by a double suction fan, which puts the whole unit under vacuum, ejecting the filtered air. The engine is isolated from the air flow according to the current regulations.

The KARB filter can be placed:

  • On the floor, to create a vacuum on the extracting grids, with fibre glass prefilters under the grid.
  • In conjunction with front suction spray booths.
  • On spray booths and / or pressurized cabins.