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Filtro Idrodinamico IDROMIX_EN

The IDROMIX hydrodynamic filter is used to filter air containing dust.

The unit consists of the following elements:

  • Suction and settling chamber with turbulator.
  • Collection and sludge extraction tank.
  • Droplet separator.
  • Electro-suction positioned after the filter station


Operating principle:

The IDROMIX collector filter consists of dynamic profile fixed centrifuge elements. Because of the vacuum generated by the aspirator, the gas undergoes a first inhibit effect treatment as it is dragged to follow the movement of the water and mix with it, sedimenting in part in the collection tank below. The second treatment is carried out by centrifugation of the remaining parts as a mixture of water and dust, which, because of the different specific weight of the air sucked in, it is separated and it settles in the tank below. The total quantity of the water in motion, i.e. recycling, constitutes the main collection and purification element and it is reduced to a minimum as the water is returned in a closed cycle to the same collection tank as suspended sediment, the physiological characteristics of which because of the content of dust, greatly improve the collection efficiency, providing maximum water economy; in fact only a small part of water, which evaporates, needs to be reintegrated.


The water level is kept by electrical controls that automatically provide the required amount of water to compensate for evaporation losses. The hopper where the mud is collected and settled is built in a way to avoid that the material deposits on its walls. The dredges tank is built for heavy duty service, which operates continuously in most cases, and is controlled through a helical gearbox with electric motor.