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Filtro ICEF_EN

Principle of operation

In the ICEF wet dust collector polluted air is subjected to the hydro centrifugal treatment. While the extracted air passes through a centrifugation unit, a strong jet of water hits it. In this way all impurities can be filtered. As a result the filtered air passes through some chicanes to deposit any remaining water. In a deceleration chamber the flow rate is reduced, so the filtered air can be ejected. A tank located in the lower part of the filter collects the water after the dust has been held. The water is then continuously recycled with a pump suitable for the lifting of murky and muddy liquids. The water level inside the tank can be kept constant through electronic monitoring. The electric control panel is included.

The average efficiency of dust extraction is equal to 95% for particles from the particle size of 5 microns, while 99.8% is achieved for particles of particle size greater than or equal to 25 microns. The pressure losses are kept constant, thereby the ICEF filter is not subject to blockage.

The dusts extracted in the form of sludge can be easily disposed of through the lower drain pipe of the water tank, or through the manual or automatic extraction of the front panel of the tank.


Solid, compact adjustable structure

The ICEF wet dust separator is characterised by small size, strong reinforced section bar structure and a complete adjustability and decomposability of the upper electric fan, of the central deceleration chamber, of the lower water collection tank. The construction of the ICEF wet dust separator allows access to all the control points and the possibility of changing any spare parts in a practical way.


Adjustable flow

Through a dedicated calibrated shutter, positioned on the fan outlet, the flow rate can be adjusted to the desired value and at the same time the group can be also calibrated.


Limited water consumption

The water consumption is considerably limited because the water can be recycled. The ICEF filter mounts a high efficiency centrifugal fan. This, combined with the possibility of recycling the filtered air, allows significant energy saving.



Automatic sludge extractor: on request, the filter can be equipped with a sludge dredge to automate dust unloading operations. It is possible to supply the explosion-proof version of the unit. When a very quiet working environment is needed, a rectangular AFON type silencer on the fan outlet duct can be used, on request.