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The CLEAN-FV filter is used in oil mist extraction. It is mainly used in mechanical or graphical industries and in all those industries where the air purification from oil mist is needed, also with the possibility of the recovery of the filtered oil.


Principle of operation

The air, which is polluted from oil mist, travels along a mechanical separator that functions as pre-filter. Due to the centrifugal force applied to the flow containing the particles of oil, the latter are pushed against the channel walls, so they slide to the collection hopper: after that the oil is collected in a bin (optional) and potentially recycled. Thanks to this principle almost all of the oil mist is separated in suspension in the air, before passing through the successive wire wool filter and pocket filter.

After these steps, the air is filtered from all the oily particles, thanks to the high efficiency of the mechanical separator and the metallic filter. The successive bag filter removes any residual impurities, thanks to its large filtering surface area. At this point, the air can be expelled through a grid placed on the top part of the CLEAN-FV filter.


Construction details

The oil mists filter CLEAN-FV is made of painted steel sheet. The collection system consists of the following two stages:

  • Pre-filtration: corrugated stainless fibre mat used to increase the filtering area, doubling the size of the frontal area, thus ensuring considerable advantages of durability. The pre-filter is built with a galvanised sheet metal frame, a filtering set made of synthetic fibres which guarantee a filtration efficiency of 80%, tested in accordance with the ASHRAE 52/76 standard weight method, protection net on both sides made of a rectangular galvanized mesh measuring mm12x24.
  • Final filtration: high-efficiency glass micro-fibre filters with fabric support carry out the final filtration of the CLEAN-FV GROUP, in order to increase mechanical strength. These filters are of the disposable type with high ability of accumulation and a low rate of pressure loss. The filtration efficiency is 95%, tested in accordance with the ASHRAE 52/76 colorimetric testing method standard. The filtering set is made with a galvanized steel frame, fibre pockets with fabric support and reinforcement seams sealed with rubber material, spaced apart at the base of the opening bars.