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Filtri Elettrostatici EF-OIL_EN

THE EF-OIL electrostatic filters consist of modular units for the filtration of oil mists.


The line of EF electrostatic filters is modular in two respects:

  • Modular capacity: electrostatic filters can address issues of flow of air  from m3/h 2,000 to  m3/h 48.000 for standard operations and beyond 48.000 m3/h in cases of special production, with an assembly of filtering elements, each of 2.000 m3/h of nominal capacity.


  • Modular system: Electrostatic filter units may be connected to mechanical pre-filtration parts using pocket or labyrinth filters for the filtration of pollutants of coarse dimensions, but also activated carbonpost-filtering parts for the absorption of volatile or absolute substances, to obtain filtration results close to 100%, and parts containing centrifugal fans for air movement.