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Filtri Cilindrici a Cartucce AIRALT_EN

Principle of operation

In the AIRALT cartridge cylindrical filter the air polluted by dust enters the bottom of the hopper and, due to the decrease of the flow speed and the intensive pre collector, the greater size particles settle and are collected in the bin placed below. On the contrary, the lighter dust with smaller particles tends to rise through the body of the AIRALT filter, until it reaches the filter cartridges;

Polluted air travels in the cartridges from the outside towards the inside: so the dust will settle externally, while the purified air can go out once it has travelled back up the filtering cartridges.


Automatic compressed air cleaning system
Due to the continuous deposition of dust on the outside of the filter cartridges, an automatic compressed air cleaning system for backflow is necessary: this is ensured by a jet of compressed air which makes the cartridge move in a high-frequency oscillatory way. This phenomenon, called "shock wave" facilitates the backflow process.

A cyclic programmer manages the diaphragm solenoid valves, thanks to which the cartridge filters are cleaned by sectors. Through the cyclical programmer or PLC it is possible to determine break times and work times. Thanks to this counter current cleaning system, the cartridge filter's efficiency is always maintained at the highest level. Furthermore, after an initial period of work, the value of pressure loss of the filter will remain constant throughout its operational life. A differential pressure switch monitors the level of clogging of the cartridges and consequently it manages the pneumatic cleaning cycle.


Filtering cartridges

Standard filtering cartridges are made from polyester fibres with BIA USG classification. They ensure a high separation (<0.5%) only with input concentrations of 200 mg/m3, filtration speed lower than 0.056 m / s and with a grain size between 0.2 and 2 microns. Cartridges for particular uses in anti-static, flame retardant, hydro-oil repellent, USG & C polyester are available. Thanks to the way it was designed, the AIRALT filter unit allows in the output phase a maximum vacuum of 5.000 mmH2O/0,5 bar. Available on request AIRALT filter with greater pressure drop or version of the ATEX filter (Filter placed in areas classified 22-21 dust / 2-1 gas).


Possible variations

Fan mounted on the roof of the filter (up to 10 HP) with soundproofing box, cartridges removable from below, star valve, leg extension, filtered air discharged from the roof, stainless steel structure.



fire extinguisher system, explosion relief panel, additional ring with cyclone separator.