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Filtri Cilindrici a Cartucce AIRALT ATEX_EN

The AIRALT ATEX cartridge filters are very high efficiency cartridge filters for the filtration of dry powders, designed to work in environments where high protection against explosions is needed, thus complying with the ATEX 2014/34/EU regulations. The structural strength of the filter is a result of studies using the finite element method (FEM ANALYSIS), complying with UNI EN 288-4 regulations in welding processes and design coherence in accordance with 97/23 (PED) standard.


Following these design standards a standard product was produced with a Pred=1 barg, special version with a Pred=2 barg. This mechanical resistance to overpressure allows the use of ATEX AIRALT cartridge filters with ST3 classified dusts; the ATEX filter, coupled with the detection and suppression of explosions systems, represents the most technological and reliable solution on the market.