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The wheeled CLEANGO filter is a compact unit on wheels, which is used for the occasional extraction of smoke and dust. Because of its small size, ease of use and efficiency of operation, the wheeled CLEANGO filter is the true solution to the problems of extraction, filtration of welding fumes, suction and filtration  of solvent vapours, aerosols, in workplaces. It is therefore intended for those sectors that need easy to carry, small suction and filtration means, which are strong and easy to manoeuvre.


Maintenance of the machine only involves the replacement of the filters, which is an operation that requires short time and unskilled staff. The vacuum provides good uptake of harmful welding fumes without extracting technical gases or cooling the welding causing dangerous contractions of the metal.

The extraction is carried out through the EVOLUTION NO SMOKE extraction arm then the air reaches the cartridge filter made of cellulose. Optional activated carbon cartridge to be inserted inside the cellulose cartridge.

A wall mounted version CLEANGO WALL is available.