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Filtri Carrellati Elettrostatici CLEANING NO-SMOKE/E_EN

The CLEANING NO-SMOKE/E electrostatic filter is a wheeled purification unit that finds its natural application in the extraction and filtration of welding fumes, extraction and filtration of gas and vapours in general, extraction and filtration of vehicles pollutants.

The electrostatic filter CLEANING NO-SMOKE/E consists of 4 filtering stages:

  1. mechanical pre-filter.
  2. ionizing section.
  3. collecting section.
  4. activated carbon.


The electrostatic filter CLEANING NO-SMOKE/E is made of painted sheet metal panels. It also has a plate with connections for the suction line or for the EVOLUTION NO-SMOKE or UNIVERSAL NO-SMOKE suction arms.


The filtration system of electrostatic filter CLEANING NO-SMOKE/E lie in two elements that work in sync:

  • the ionizer, which precedes the collecting cell in the airflow: electrically charging the particles dispersed in the gas. In this area, in fact, the corona discharge is brought on, which guarantees the safety of operation at the highest levels;
  • the collecting cell captures the pollutant.