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Filtri Carrellati CLEANING DF_EN

The CLEANING DF horizontal cartridge filters are wheeled filters that are used for the extraction and filtration of welding fumes, extraction and filtration of fine and coarse dust, and filtering small quantities of chips. Made in painted sheet metal, with a panelled structure, they are equipped with attachments for suction arms UNIVERSAL NO-SMOKE or EVOLUTION NO-SMOKE. The CLEANING DF cartridge filters are suitable for indoor use.


Principle of operation

The centrifugal fan, placed in the upper part of the horizontal CLEANING DF cartridge filter, guarantees the required vacuum in order to extract the polluted air through the air intake. The air then passes through a vertical pre-chamber: most of the dust will then be separated by decantation and the heavier dust will be collected in the underlying collection tray. Afterwards the air reaches a filtering section with high efficiency cartridge filters, which provide for the filtration of any residual dust. In a second collector the filtered finer powders will then be deposited. The filtered air passes through the high efficiency centrifugal fan, which ensures a high suction while maintaining a low noise, and is expelled through a grill placed on the upper wall of the plenum. 


Perfect filtration efficiency

In the CLEANING DF filter the cartridges are cleaned manually, the JETCLEAN DF filter, instead, has a  backflow compressed air cleaning system.