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Electrostatic wheeled unit for the extraction and filtration of welding fumes, gases, vapours, aerosols, etc..



For its small size, its practical use and its operational efficiency CLEAN GO/E represents the real solution to problems of extraction, filtration and deodorizing of welding fumes, solvent vapours, aerosols in working environments.


Designed according to the criteria of modern technology, it is aimed at those sectors of industry and craft that require extraction and filtration equipment which is easily transportable, small in size, easy to handle and robust; in particular it is designed to be applied in areas such as industrial maintenance, shipbuilding, garages, auto body shops, hydraulics and light mechanic vehicle. The maintenance of the machine is restricted to the replacement of the filters, an operation that requires little time and unskilled staff. The extraction guarantees a good uptake of harmful welding fumes without extracting the technical gases or cooling the welding which would cause dangerous contractions in the metal.