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Filtri Aspiratore GRINDEX_EN


The GRINDEX DF suction filter is used in the dry suction of grinder dust, tool grinding with abrasive grinding wheel etc., and where there is the risk of transporting incandescent particles, with the possibility of damaging the filters.


Overall height

The sleeves filters inside the GRINDEX DF extractor have a large filtering surface. This takes up less room compared to tubular filters. Thanks also to the supporting structure in painted sheet metal, the GRINDEX DF suction filter can easily be placed near machines or in laboratories.


High filtration efficiency

The filter sleeves are made from high permeability special needle felt. This allows obtaining high filtration efficiency (up to 99%) BIA U and increase average life duration. Furthermore, such filters have low load losses compared to conventional fabrics. In the GRINDEX/3 suction filter filtration efficiency reaches 99.99% for particular applications.


High noiselessness

The GRINDEX DF suction filter unit was made taking into consideration the problem of noise pollution. Thanks to a soundproofing box that reduces the noise of the fan, operations are noiseless, less than 70 dB (A).


Energy saving

Where permitted, the filtered air can be released back into the work environment. This ensures significant energy saving during the winter period. By using a high efficiency fan, it is also possible to reduce operating cost.


Cleaning the filter unit

The GRINDEX DF extractor uses a mechanical shaking manual device for the filters in order to keep them highly efficient. The unit is designed so the filtering section can be easily removed from the upper part of the unit. It will therefore be possible to extract the filters in order to clean them thoroughly after a long period of operation.


Fire safety

GRINDEX DF presents a pre-collection water device. Because of it any sparks in the air are extinguished before any contact is made with the filters. As a result fire hazards and tissue damage are avoided. Another feature of the pre-collector is to reduce the clogging of the filter sleeves, thus increasing the autonomy of operation in time.