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Filtri a Cartucce Orizzontali IPERJET DF_EN

The IPERJET DF horizontal cartridge filter is ideal for the extraction and filtration of welding fumes, extraction and filtration of coarse and fine dust, extraction of shavings, extraction and thermal cutting filtration. The IPERJET DF cartridge filter is particularly suited for indoor use. If possible, the filtered air can be reinstated into the environment, thus ensuring significant energy savings.

The IPERJET horizontal cartridge filter is formed as follows: most of the coarse dust is separated in a pre-chamber, so it settles in a first collection tray; the air then runs through a maze and reaches the filter section with high efficiency cartridges, which provide for the filtration of any remaining dust. In the upper part of the IPERJET cartridge filter there is a high efficiency centrifugal fan, which guarantees a high level of suction capacity while maintaining low noise levels.


Filter cartridges

The horizontal arrangement of the filter cartridges make them easy to access and enables a quick maintenance of the filter section.

Manometer - Saving - Start / stop

Thanks to the electronic programmable cleaning system for fully automatic compressed air and equipped with a pressure switch, the filter cartridges are kept in perfect condition. Due to the continuous deposition of dust on the outside of the filter cartridges, an automatic compressed air cleaning system for backflow is necessary: this is ensured by a jet of compressed air which makes the cartridge move in a high-frequency oscillatory way. This phenomenon, called "shock wave" facilitates the back flowing process. Thanks to this counter current cleaning system, the cartridge filter's efficiency is always maintained at the highest level.