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Elettroaspiratore Portatile DF/S_EN

The DF/S portable electric fan is used for the extraction of fumes and gases, dust suction, foul air, small light-dusted pneumatic transport, air insulation and in all cases in which a simple installation as well as a fan that can be moved on wheels everywhere are needed.

Thanks to its supporting structure, its reduced weight and small dimensions, the DF/S portable fan can be handled with extreme practicality and manoeuvrability, while maintaining a high level of suction. The DF/S is in fact a centrifugal impeller fan with open blades made of painted sheet steel. The high level of pressure enables the suction through flexible pipes, which can be of considerable length.

The DF/S portable electric fan  is supplied with a protection grid on the suction inlet as well as on the outlet, a 220V single-phase version with on-off switch on the motor or a 220/380V 50 Hz three-phase version are available. Available on request with 60 Hz frequency motors.