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Combustori Termici Rigenerativi_EN

The CTR Regenerative Thermal Combustors  are used for the removal of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) present in the air flow extracted from production departments.

The combustion of the VOCs volatile organic compounds takes place in a thermally insulated chamber at a temperature of 750-800° C and 5 -20 mg / Nm3 TOC values ​​can be obtained. The heat required is supplied by fuel, usually natural gas or LPG.

The Regenerative Thermal Combustors owe the adjective "regenerative” to the fact that the heat of exhaust fumes from the combustion chamber is transferred to the ceramic mass contained in a first heat exchange tower; the incoming fumes,already warm, pass through a second exchange tower, and receive the heat accumulated by the outgoing fumes. A third room in stand-by ensures that there are no polluting fluctuations coming out of the stack during the inversion phase of the rooms.

Additional information and operating parameters of the Regenerative Thermal Combustor is available in the "Read more" section.