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Canalina Aspirante Modulare BLINDAIR_EN

BLINDAIR is a modular air duct equipped with a sliding trolley on which a flexible tube can be fixed, which is mainly used for the extraction of exhaust gas, but also for the extraction of welding fumes or other fumes.


The BLINDAIR duct has been successful in trucks maintenance workshops, where the hoses which are applied onto the exhaust muffler of the vehicle for the suction of the gas need to be mobile, in order to avoid any air contamination.


The following can be fixed on the BLINDAIR modular air duct:

  • Sliding trolleys with flexible hoses, which can be moved manually or electrically.
  • Spring or motorised sliding winders, which can be moved manually or electrically.
  • Suction arms self-supporting and jointed with a manual or electric rotation and movement.


Thanks to the sliding elements it is possible to extract fumes and gases directly from the sources of pollution and thus cover a wide working area without the need of a fixed position or bulky additional pipes.