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Cabine di Verniciatura Pressurizzate EN

CORAL pressurized cabins mainly consist of the following elements:

  • one or more paint spray booths water film or dry.
  • structure made with sandwich modular panels, galvanized or painted externally.
  • a filtering roof for the reintroduction of air.
  • a pressurization unit.
  • CTA air-handling units or hot air generator.
  • a control panel.


The dry or water film paint spray booths suck in air laden with polluted overspray and, once filtered, it is ejected through the centrifugal fan. The pressurised cabin and the spray booth are directly connected. Access is indeed possible using sliding or hinged doors, also with the possibility of inspection through portholes.

Possibility of further post-filtration through the KARB activated carbon filter unit.

The pressurisation air is taken entirely from the outside and is inputted perfectly filtered and at a constant temperature in the paint booth. A data acquisition and temperature control system monitors the air conditions as it is inputted.

The interior lighting is guaranteed by 2 x 36W neon bulbs (each), with IP 65 protection.