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Cabine di Carteggiatura ZINCOCAR DF_EN

The ZINCOCAR DF sanding booth is used for:

  • Suction and filtration of wood sanding dust
  • Suction and filtration of steel grinding dust
  • Welding fumes extraction and filtration
  • Inert metals dust extraction and filtration
  • Surface metallisation dust extraction and filtration


The sanding booth ZINCOCAR DF was designed and built for multiple applications in the workplace where:

  • Local extraction or type of pollution source is complex or not applicable.
  • The installation of the suction piping is complicated or unmanageable.
  • Air-conditioned work areas are operational in order to prevent energy waste by sending treated air outside and drawing back untreated air from outside.
  • The source of pollution changes in relation to the production process.
  • Filtration performances with the use of localised mobile units are insufficient or there is poor filtration capacity of the centralised suction system.