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The Telescopic UNIVERSAL NO-SMOKE suction arm is used in welding fumes extraction systems, gas extraction, aerosol, vapours, oil fumes, dust suction, etc.


Principle of operation

Through the articulated hood, the polluted air is sucked through the pipes of the suction arm, which are available in different materials: galvanized sheet steel, scratch-resistant coated, aluminum, stainless steel. After the polluted air is conveyed to the filtration system or directly to the high efficiency centrifugal fan, depending on the specific applications.


The extractor hood and piping of the UNIVERSAL NO-SMOKE suction arm are joined by special external articulated joints, patented by us, and the NO-SMOKE FLEX high resistance flexible pipe. This ensures an easy and convenient movement of the suction arm. The UNIVERSAL NO-SMOKE suction arms also have fifth wheel, thanks to which a  360° rotation is possible when mounted on a suitable support. As the joints are external, the polluted air travels through the suction channel in the suction arm without being hindered by internal joints or hinges.  Also because the length of the hose used in the bends is reduced, load losses are also considerably lower. This means less power used by the centrifugal fan and thus energy saving. Lower crossing speed also means less noise.


The UNIVERSAL NO-SMOKE suction arms are available in 1.3m, 2.1m, 2.7m, 3m and 4m models.

In order to reach further distances an Extension “BANDIERA” is available as optional.