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Braccio Aspirante Snodato Autoportante PROBIS_EN

The PROBIS self-supporting articulated suction arm is used in the extraction of soldering fumes, suction of laboratory vapors , jewelery, dental, electronics in general, small crafts work, research and analysis laboratories, etc. The PROBIS/A articulated suction arms can be ordered with two joints. Thanks to the quick-locking screws, it can be positioned on the workstation. Depending on the specific type of use, for example, they can be fixed to the work table or ceiling.


Principle of operation

The air sucked from the small extractor hood, available in 7 interchangeable types depending on its use and which has the possibility of 360° rotation with respect to the axis, runs through the anodized aluminum pipes with plastic joints. Here the air is conveyed to a suction unit or to central suction system. Suction can be stopped by means of a flow adjustment damper.



In addition to different hoods available for the PROBIS articulated suction arm, a round hood equipped with halogen light for better visibility is available. There is also the possibility of adopting plexiglas protection hoods for automatic welding, thereby ensuring visibility to evaluate the correct execution of the operations.