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Banco Aspirante POLIWOOD DF_EN

The POLIWOOD DF suction bench is used for the extraction of fumes and dust from finishing operations, suction of wood sanding dust, marble dust extraction and in general for suction and filtration in the engineering industry, foundries etc. The POLIWOOD suction benches guarantee, thanks to the careful design of the suction slits, smoke and dust extraction before they can be inhaled by the operator, thus eliminating any health risk.


Operating principle:

The structure of POLIWOOD DF suction benches is constituted by a series of appropriately sized bolted panels. The structural strength of the POLIWOOD DF suction benches can withstand loads up to 350 kg / m2 evenly distributed. The suction bench work surface may be lined with felt to avoid or prevent abrasions or damage to the products being processed (on request aluminum or wood). Possible extraction of the work surface for any inspection if necessary. Side walls to prevent the spread of the material are available, as extra.

The POLIWOOD DF suction bench has internally a cartridge filtering section with a backflow compressed air cleaning system and is put into vacuum mode through a centrifugal fan connected sideways, properly sized and soundproofed.